How to Use Your Brain for a Change

They say we only use a small portion of our brain. Here is how to access more of your brain power and boost your IQ:

In school, you are taught some things and then spoon-fed the answers. Some would say it is enough to boost your IQ, but not anymore!

How to boost your brain capacity? Think about this: how did Einstein boost his brainpower? How about an Apple genius or a Harvard scholar make their use of brainpower boost up?

Let me tell you a secret. They all have tried brain training! Not just them, even Bill Gates boost his IQ by 24 points after he did some brain training with Lumosity! And what about Einstein? Yes, he boosts up his IQ and boosts up his memory capacity. In the end, he became one of the most brilliant people in the world. Just like him, boost your IQ by training your brain!

Lumosity is a web-based application that boosts your cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and flexibility. These are all needed to boost up your IQ score on IQ test.

Even though it boosts up the speed at which you can make decisions, boost your long-term memory and boost your brain speed, it is 100% safe.

What does that mean? It means you don’t even need to worry about your health because this application won’t cause any negative effects on yourself. It boosts up your IQ fast!

The payoff of boost up the speed in which you can operate your brain makes boost up your IQ fast quite easy. What’s more, boost up the speed of your learning is very quick.

But what about boosting my memory? Well, boost your memory isn’t hard either if you are using this application. It boosts up your short-term and long-term memory too!

How to use Lumosity to boost your IQ fast and boost your memory?

1. Go to Lumosity homepage to boost your IQ fast! 2. Choose the program that interests you most (for boost up my memory, I will choose Memory). 3. Click on play mode for boost my memory.

4. Have fun by playing all the games! 5. Get boost your IQ boost up to 100%.

All these boosts up my memory games will boost your memory and boost you faster. The user interface is fun, engaging, and easy to use. It’s looking good!

It boosts your IQ fast because it has the right game design. Good job Lumosity for boost my IQ fast!

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