How to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus - Home Remedy

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Home Remedy for Toe Nail Fungus

Top toe nail fungus treatments

Fungal toe infections are becoming increasingly more common in today's world. With the increase in number of toes that are covered by shoes, fungus toe is also on the rise.  The toe nails get moistened due to sweat and thus grow plenty of fungi which is why toe nail fungus becomes likely when toe nails are not cleaned properly or when one's immune system fails to fight with fungi causing bacteria. When toe nail starts growing fungus it turns yellowish in color and becomes thick too which makes wearing shoes very uncomfortable for the people who suffer with this disease.  

What can be done to treat toe nail fungus?

There are several home remedies that people with toe nail fungal infection try out but toe nail fungus treatment with vinegar is considered one of the most effective toe nail fungal treatment.  All that toe nail fungus sufferers need to do is apply white vinegar on the toe nails using a cotton bud or ball and leave it for around 10 minutes so that the toe nails absorb it properly.  After allowing your toe nails to be soaked in white vinegar, wash them with cold water and then disinfect the toe nails by rubbing some extra virgin olive oil on them.

Another very popular toe nail infection remedy is tea tree oil which has natural antiseptic properties that help cure toe nail fungus fast. When applied topically on the toe nails, this essential oil kills fungi causing bacteria, eliminates germs leaves toe nails moisturized which aids in quick toe nail recovery.  It is advised to use tea tree oil toe nail infection treatment only for one toe nails at a time since using it on all toe nails can lead to dryness of your toe nails.

Another very famous toe fungus treatment that is used by toe nail fungus sufferers is Vicks Vaporub which contains menthol and camphor which help cure toe fungal infections fast. Applying this ointment on the toe nails with cotton helps stop itching, pain and aids in curing toe nail fungus fast.  However some people may experience some minor side effects like burning sensation or mild swelling around the toe nails when they apply Vicks vaporub topically but these side effects are not long lasting.

And there you have it. Getting rid of toe nail fungus is never fun but these home remedies can help you get the job done.