How to Create a Children's Picture Book Using Canva

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Have you ever dreamed of creating your own children's picture book? Many of us have but the idea of actually creating the book can be intimidating, especially if you are not an expert at graphic design. Here is a fun and inexpensive hack that we use to create children's picture books from scratch, with very little artistic expertise.

If you are only creating a Kindle version, it does not matter how many pages you have in your picture book. If, on the other hand, you want to print your book, we recommend at least 100 pages. You can make the first page a belongs to page, as seen in the video tutorial above. Another fun idea is to have a box on pages in between your story for them to color and draw in.

You can use images from Canva, if you have a pro account. You can also use pictures from Pixabay. Make sure that you have the right to use the images before you add them to your book.

Also make sure to combine images together to make unique images, as demonstrated above.

To create our children's picture books, we use an online platform named Canva to organize our pages and begin adding graphics. As you can see from the video, very little artistic ability is necessary. Watch the video below and then go to Canva by clicking this button: