Earthships? What Are They And Should You Build One

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What Are Earthships?

An earthship is a type of home that is built out of recycled materials. It uses natural energy, like the sun and wind , to provide heating and cooling in hot and cold climate areas. The cut-off wall (see FAQs) turns the house into a thermos bottle, using the retained heat inside of it to help maintain temperature fluctuations.

It is made out of mostly used or new tires (usually old tires) and steel cans. The dirt from the tires helps make the "bricks" stronger, more like adobe than any other material. Blankets are sometimes filled with dirt or clay instead of bottles for an even more eco-friendly way to build homes. They are very earth-friendly and often made as a humanitarian effort.

The earthship design is intended to be off-the earth, using the earth as insulation and keeping it at a comfortable temperature without power or fuel.   


The earthship is truly an amazing invention, and with its expected growth over time, there will be plenty more of them popping up all over Earth.

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